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Turkana, 1949.




Field Research:

1987                    Kilkenny County, Republic of Ireland.

1983-4                 Kilkenny County, Republic of Ireland.

1980-1                 A rural locality of County Kilkenny, Ireland (political economy; social history;

                          socio-political change; kinship; shopkeepers, labourers and farmers).

1979                    Research survey, Republic of Ireland.

1965-69               Annual visits to East Africa, including brief returns to earlier field research


1964-70               Annual visits to East Africa to observe social change in areas previously


1961                    Shona, central Rhodesia (economic development).

1956-8                 Arusha, northern Tanganyiks (law, land, politics, economic development, social change).

1955-6                 Migration and plantation workers, northeastern Tanganyika.

1954-5                 Nyakusa, southern Tanganyika (land, labour, migration, social change).

1952-4                 Ndendeuli and Ngoni, Songea region, Tanganyika (law, labour migration,

                          economic development, political change).

1950-1                 Jie pastoralists, eastern Uganda (pastoral ecology, kinship, politics, age

                           institutions, etc.).

1948-50               Turkana nomads, northern Kenya (pastoral ecology, kinship, politics, age

                          institutions, etc.).



WWII, 1942-3, in Egypt, near Port Said.

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