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Philip Gulliver, 1973



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Unpublished Technical Reports (now housed in SOAS archives):

1958                Administrative Reform in the Arusha Kingdom. Dar es Salaam, Provincial

                      Administration, Government of Tanganyika.

1957                Report on Land and Population in the Arusha Chiefdom. Dar es Salaam, Provincial

                      Administration, Government of Tanganyika.

1956                Migrant Workers in the Tanga Region. Dar es Salaam, Provincial Administration,

                      Government of Tanganyika.

1955                The Migration of Workers from Tanganyika to the South. Dar es Salaam,

                      Provincial Administration, Government of Tanganyika.

1954                Administrative Survey of the Ngoni and Ndendeuli. Dar es Salaam, Provincial

                      Administration, Government of Tanganyika.




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