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Carlota McAllister, PhD
Associate Professor (tenured)
Department of Anthropology

Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean

815 York Research Tower

Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 66121


Ph.D. (Distinction), Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology

M.A., Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology

M.A., University of Arizona, Anthropology

B.A. (High Honours), University of Toronto




Conscience and Consciousness in a Postrevolutionary Guatemalan Village


Revolution is imagined by its practitioners as the inescapable end of the march of historical progress. How do former Guatemalan indigenous revolutionaries reassemble the capacity for working toward the future when counterrevolutionary violence  arrests history’s movement forward?


Making Property and Appropriating Nature in Chilean Patagonia


Is capitalist nature a single ontological formation? Chilean gauchos use the category of private property to defend their cow- and sheepherding livelihood against competing projects for commodifying Patagonian “nature”, but they ground their claims to property in distinct human-nonhuman relationships from those naturalized in neoliberal capitalism.




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